Sewer & Septic System Service

Receive top-notch sewer and septic system service

Mort's Inc. is proud to provide maintenance for sewer and septic systems.  Septic Tanks, regardless of size, need to be cleaned at some point and time.  Call Mort's Inc. to get your tank inspected, pumped, or maintained by our professionals.  And while you are at it, be sure to get your Septic System on our route!

If you have an emergency with your septic system, please contact us for 24-hour service. Technicians are on call to help you. Count on us to get the job done as a family owned and operated business.

Fulfilling all sewer, septic tank and drain line needs:

- Septic system installations and repairs

- Septic tank cleaning

- Sewer repairs and maintenance

- Drain line cleaning

- Jetting

- Camera and locating

- Auguring

- Time of Transfer Inspection - required when selling your property

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